National Minumum Wage increase - UK 2021

How to Offset the Cost of Minimum Wage Increases in the UK


The national living wage and minimum wages for those younger than 25 gone up from the 1st of April, which is great news for employees.

For employers, labour costs are one of the largest variable costs that…

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What You Need To Know Before Changing Your Worker's Hours

What you need to know before changing your worker’s hours

Changing your worker’s shift hours can be challenging in terms of collaborating with the workers. To tackle the problem of non-beneficial decisions, you must consider the importance of your worker’s schedule. When employees do not meet the productivity standards of…

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Ways Of Managing An Effective Business

How to make an effective and successful business?

Effective business can explain where a quality task and process take place at a high level which leads to the overall increase in the performance and productivity of business. Now the question is how to make an effective and successful business? What…

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The Manual To Absence Management

The manual to absence management: what it entails and how to control it


What does the term absence management mean?

Managing a business is a lot more than looking after your products or services and generating profits. The most crucial part of handling a business is managing your…

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Significance Of Time Management At The Workplace

Significance of time management at the workplace

We all know this phrase that time is money. Time management is very necessary and important at any workplace. The workplace can be an office, schools, hospitals and businesses. Time management can be explained in such a way that planning and division of…

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Should There Be A Shift Break For Quality Work?

Should there be a break for quality work?

“Break'' is the most favorite word both for students and employees. Apart from this, in a general way we can say break is the need for every human being. If we talk in a general perspective, in the term of some common…

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