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Could your Clocking In Process be Improved?

I wish I were right in saying "gone are the days of paper based clocking in and out", but unfortunately people still use antiquated ways of recording staff time instead of moving to cloud based systems like Opsyte.


Why do I know people still use pen and paper? Because they are coming to us for help to move onto better systems.


When looking at any time and attendance systems (T&A) there should be two questions at the front of your mind – is it reliable and is it easy to use? I will quickly explore these two questions with simple examples.


Is it reliable?

There is no point in replacing pen and paper with a slick online system if the latter keeps falling over, has constant outages, is full of bugs or your staff can’t figure out how to use it.

The simpler the better!

You want a system that your staff can rely upon to track their hours as well has giving your team full visibility, and also to help you create your payroll as easily as possible.

Opsyte is one of these amazing systems. We do not require your team to be qualified in IT systems or their setup – they just need a phone or pc and an internet connection (wifi or gprs). You won’t need any expensive equipment – your staff can use their own phones to manage their own data.

We all have to admit that IT systems sometimes break – look at the recent Facebook outage (

I suggest having a look at a website’s status page (if they have one, if they don’t then I would be wary!). A status page will give you great insight into how reliable a system is. Opsyte’s status page can be found here - and will show any system outages by day.


Is it easy to use?

Your teams are busy and don’t have the luxury to spend hours implementing, learning and then training on new IT systems. You want a ‘plug and play’ approach to clocking in and out, as well as using a system that integrates with your rotas, holiday calendars and payroll calendars.


Let’s face it – the less time you spend in the office on admin, the more time you can spend out front helping customers and driving your business!






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