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Why staff happiness is vital to your business, and how Opsyte helps you track it!

Staff happiness is vital for hospitality businesses but is unfortunately often a low priority for management – especially after the industry facing numerous other hardships over the last few years.

However, the point stands that happy staff are more productive. Warwick University’s Happiness and Productivity Study found that happy staff are on average 12% more productive than their unhappy colleagues. Crucially for hospitality businesses, happy staff also spread their cheer to customers – and happy customers both spend more and return often!

In addition, in a survey commissioned by Access Hospitality, 34% of responders identified staff turnover as a key challenge. Being aware of the happiness of staff in your business is an important step on the road to retaining them.

An easy first step to take to improve staff happiness is simply by communicating with your team. For some tips on how to improve your teams communication, see our recent article here.

So how can employee happiness be tracked?

Opsyte allows businesses to gather anonymous Shift Feedback data, by asking staff to respond to a quick survey style question as they clock out for their shift. The answers are given on a scale of 1-5, averaged and then tracked over time! This enables businesses to monitor how staff feel about key areas of their job.

Examples of the set Shift Feedback questions are as follows:

How was your shift?
Do you feel your management support you?
How would you rate your team’s communication?
Do you feel your workload is manageable?
How do you feel about your work environment?

Businesses can also request their own questions, if the stock questions Opsyte offers don’t cover the key areas they’d like staff feedback on!

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