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National Minimum wage in 2022

Is the UK’s national minimum wage going up in 2022?


The national minimum wage is going up in 2022 on 1st April – as announced by Rishi Sunak in October 2021 as part of his budget.

23 and over = £9.50

21 to 22 = £9.18

18 to 20 = £6.83

Under 18 = £4.81

Apprentice = £4.81

Mr Sunak also announced a raise in national insurance contributions to help pay for a NHS backlog and social care reform.

Opsyte will automatically update your wages according to the national minimum wages as well as alert you if you try to hire someone that does not comply with the above table.

What is the UK Living Wage?

The UK Living Wage and the London Living Wage are two voluntary pay benchmarks employers can sign up to - though they are not legally required.


The UK Living Wage works out a fair minimum rate of pay based on the costs of everyday needs, like food, rent and including utility bills, campaigners say.


The Living Wage Foundation, an independent organisation, which assesses the minimum wage required to live off says the UK’s real living wage is £9.50, or £10.85 for London.


Since 2011, the Living Wage movement has delivered a pay rise to over 250,000 people and put over £1.3 billion extra into the pockets of low paid workers.






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