Customisable options
Detailed reports
Professional design in a reliable platform! A pure joy to work with!
- Sara Holland
Awesome support! Managing staff and payroll has never been so simple!
- Eric Lawson
Incredible value for money, highly recommended!
- Rebecca Gray

Cross Browser Support

Wherever you are, access your live data and reports with cross browser support. Opsyte links with your POS to give you the best information at all times.


Opsyte provides 24 hour reporting and support to your business, as well as custom reports. Need a certain report at a certain time? Easily programmed with Opsyte so you spend more time on your business, and less time on admin.

Clean & Simple

Simple and easy to use, with industry shared practices to help streamline your business.

Staff Management

Create and manage your rotas, let your staff know what shifts they're on quickly and easily. Plan months / years ahead with simple clicks! Allow your employees to clock in and clock out according to IP address, and manage your staff information database.

Promoter Management

Use promoters or guestlists? Manage promoter guests, tallies, numbers through the door and create performance reports. Automatically email promoters after events - making your life a whole deal easier!

Customer Data

The best marketing is achieved with the best customer databases - increase not only the quantity, but more importantly the quality of data you hold about your customers. Record visits, spends, visitor notes, server details and much more

Reservations Manager

Manage your reservations - from floor plans, customer seating arrangements, live seating and walk ins, automatic emails and booking platform

Cashing up online

Fed up of excel? Don't risk an employee changing formulas and affecting cash results - use our encryped software to manage your cashing up - online. Full custom reports emailed to you at end of trade.

Snapshot & sales emails

Receive automatic sales and labour emails - daily, weekly or monthl. Or all three! See where you are vs forecast, vs budgets or vs costs.

Financial reporting

Drill down into the detail with our financial reports - all online - so you do not need to wait for your accounts department or managers to send you over that excel document!

Create invoices online

Store all of your invoices in one place. If you have multiple employees creating invoices for your business, keep a track of them here